Positive Disruption

Our mission is to design and implement positive disruption to enable organizations to thrive.

The rate of change in our world is occurring faster than ever before. Shortening product and service cycles and eroding legacy revenue streams are challenging existing systems and enabling new competition. Organizations - public and private, small and large, new and revered - are facing internal and external challenges to adapt to our new reality.

We prepare and enable organizations at growth or pivot stages to embrace this change, and take advantage of these various forms of disruption. Drawing from our background in the technology and media space, we believe the key is to create processes to integrate "positive disruption" into all layers of the organization, quickly and cost-effectively.

Our approach has three phases:

1. Needs Assessment

Every organization lives and breathes differently. We work hard to understand the unique strengths, challenges and nuances that exist inside each organization. With our rigorous methodology we conduct competitive analysis, and examine external threats and opportunities. We use this research to create plans that address specific needs.

2. Solution Design

We are operators who have experience building businesses and are passionate about structuring sustainable, lean organizations. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and work in tandem with all levels of an organization to design plans that empower employees and honor the mission and goals of an organization. We strive to create plans that will enhance the capabilities of those who need to build, scale and sustain the organization in the short- and long-term.

3. Implementation

Our approach is grounded in actionable deliverables and metrics. We move beyond proposing solutions and prepare your organization to effectively implement, track and refine plans into the future.

We are entrepreneurs with a passion for accelerating organizations at growth and pivot stages to enable them to realize their potential and positively impact their community.

With business, academic, and non-profit experience, we came together to establish Redwall Advisors in 2013. We are founders of technology companies, investors, venture advisors and board members. We have built non-profit organizations. We have led business and product development teams in the US and Asia. Our expertise is in technology, mobile, media, education, arts, and Veteran and international affairs. Our team is located in Los Angeles, Palo Alto and Washington, D.C.

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